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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 20, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PST

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perfect before a lot of people make plans to hit the road. as we get a look at the radar, the rain is well to the north of us. we have the high pressure to the south of us. it's fighting back that rain. we haven't seen much of that this morning. then, as we look farther to the south, once again, sprinkles. as we go through the hour-by-hour outlook, rain moving in by 9:00, 10:00, mostly for the north bay, but all around the bay area, except the south bay. i don't think we'll see much in san jose and into the afternoon. rain in the north bay while the rest of us start to really dry out. i'll talk more about this and what's ahead for the rest of the week in a few minutes. mike is tracking a look at what's happening on the roads. >> a calm drive around the bay. mostly, we are tracking a crash in fremont, south 680. no updates. sout of the altamont pass, traffic is jamming up. red turns to orange. speeds are coming up.
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no updates on the car fire, but by now, they got that out in the center divide area. a lane blocked through westbound 580. you see altamont pass road. closer to the dublin interchange, no problems. we have slowing because of that, up to north flynn. past that, things speed up again. back to you. >> thanks, mike. breaking in concord, a bizarre investigation is under way after a person is found dead inside a best western room. >> "today in the bay's", pete suratos joining us live off the hotels on clayton road with what investigators are revealing about the suspicious death. good morning, pete. >> reporter: good morning to you. i had a chance to speak to police on the ground. they are keeping tight lipped as far as the investigation goes. they say it is ongoing. they plan to release information
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via press release later this morning. at the best western, one patrol unit is here. it is a more active scene behind me. we have video that came in this morning. you can see quite a number of patrol cars here investigating the scene. the information is very limited. they posted information to their facebook page saying an individual was found dead inside a hotel room here at the best western on the 4600 block of clayton road and as far as the cause of death or gender or identity, police are not commenting or confirming information. i got a chance to listen to the dispat d dispatch. it may have been a female. still an active scene here at this best western in concord. we'll continue to stay on the scene and have another update in a half hour. pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> so many questions. thank you so much. perhaps america's most
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sinister cult leader, charles manson has died of natural causes in a hospital. a lot of us may remember the stories of the 1969 murders. the group of followers, called the man son family, killed seven people in two days. the killings known as the helter-skelter murders. manson repeatedly had his parole denied over the years. he also gave chilling jailhouse interviews. >> believe me, if i started murdering people, there would be none of you left. >> manson, himself, was never found guilty of actual murder, only for ordering the murders. he had his death sentence voided when california briefly abolished capital punishment. for a time line of the murders and the investigation, go to new this morning, president trump is calling out raiders runningback marshon lynch.
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in a tweet, the president writes, marshon lynch of nfl's oakland raider calls stands up for the mexican national anthem. attendance and ratings way down. we checked with lynch overnight. he has not yet responded. they play them on sunday. as part of the protest over police brutality. only on nbc, an exclusive on camera interview with the first woman to accuse roy moore of sexual abuse. he sexually abused her when she was 14 years old. >> i feel like a weight has been lifted. i have support, which i can't say how important that has been. that's had a lot of people that have come out and said that
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because of my courage they are able to do the same. >> as many have questions and questioned the timing of her disclosure, she talked about reasons she chos to go public now. that interview airs on "today" in the 7:30 half hour. moore continues to deny all of those allegations. new developments out of hollywood this morning. music producer russell simmons is the latest powerful man to be accused of sexual misconduct. a model told "the los angeles times" the co-founder of the record label forszed her to perform a sex act in 1991. she was 17 years old at the time. she says brett rattner was in the room. simmons says everything that happened was consensual. rattner is facing accusations of sexual misconduct from at least ten women. now, to this developing story, a terrifying scene in the south bay. a plane falls from the sky and
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lands, look at that, on a san jose home. it happened near the airport yesterday afternoon. this morning, there's a lot of questions that remain about how this all happened. "today in the bay's", bob redell is live with what we know so far. this hasn't been -- the first time there's aircraft in the area. it's a very populated area. >> reporter: it is. you have the east ridge mall to the south, homes encircling the entire airport. good morning. that cessna has been removed from the front yard. this is where it crashed yesterday afternoon around 3:00. the plane crashed a half mile away from the runway at reed view hill airport. east ridge mall to the south. anyone who lives around here or shops at the mall knows how low they fly. the student pilot, who was behind the controls of the
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single engine aircraft had just taken off when he ran into a systems failure with the airplane. you can hear the pilot radio control the tower, issue a may day and indicate he was going to circle back and land. >> may day may day. you can make a left. 180. 13 left. 13 right. continue left for the run way. any runway available. >> reporter: the plane, with three people on board crashed into a converted garage in the front of this home. two of the people on board suffered major injuries, the third minor. three people inside the home were not hurt and in temporary housing provided by the red cross. the owner of the airplane tells us, he never had an airplane
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crash before. his concern is with a student who was in surgery last night. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you, bob. a state lawmaker plans to revive a bill aimed at cutting traffic debit. he says he would legalize speed enforcement in california. he says it has been stalled over opposition. sunday, families of people hurt or killed in crashes came together for a vigil in san francisco. they are calling for safer streets. we talked to one woman whose mom survived, but whose life is forever changed. >> hit by a car that was speeding. her body got thrown to the other side of the road. life threatening brain injury. >> we have reported before on the effort to eliminate traffic fatalities by the year 2024. this year, there have been 17 deaths. real estate experts are reportedly tieing a surge in the housing crisis to last month's
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deadly wildfire. sonoma county's median price for a home rose 9% from the same time a year ago. they marked the new high for the county, admits the lowest number of sales innics years. santa rosa has its lowest numbers in a decade. workers are getting ready for one of the largest holiday food give aways. >> later this morning, sacred heart community service begins the thanksgiving give away dinner. this is video from last year. this year, 4,000 families will receive holiday food boxes, each with 50 pounds of food. that includes a turkey with all the trimmings. the event gets under way at 9:00 a.m. right now, 5:09. the rain that we are now starting to catch up on. as we get a live look outside in san rafael, we were so dry before that last round of rain we had last week.
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so, since october 1st, we are getting, we have measured over four inches of rain, almost five inches in santa rosa and the percent average, over 100%. we are doing well there. we are catching up on the normal amount of rain for san francisco and oakland as well as mountainview. san jose, we are getting there. we have made huge progress and we are going to have one more chance of rain before we dry out for a few days. i'll talk about what's ahead as the temperatures warm up this weekend. mike is saying, there must be one problem right now. >> just one. >> just one. >> gotta be something, right? looking at the peninsula no problem. westbound is your commute. west out of the altamont pass, you are finding slowing. we follow a crash and car fire at northland road. you have gone from 49 minutes to 38 minutes. we are improving that travel time past the scene of the fire
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and toward the dublin interchange. a lot of activity calming down. less distraction. here, the approach to the bay bridge, the minimums. excellent. back to you. >> 5:11 right now. a winter wonderland, sierra blanketed with snow. the ski resort opening just in time for the thanksgiving holiday. the pressure is on for the bay area company and the stock market. we'll tell you about it when "today in the bay" continues.
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good monday morning. right now at 5:13, tracking rain across the north bay. the south bay stays dry. a live look outside in san jose. the south bay, you can leave your umbrella at home. we'll see a mix of sun and clouds, temperatures reaching the upper 60s. it will be a very nice day. still showers around the bay area. i'll show you where around what else is in store for the rest of the holiday week. there's a slower drive out of the altamont pass. speeds starting to adjust after the car fire. we'll show you the rest of the bay area, coming up. >> incredible accusations. >> there it goes. video of the georgia dome being floated this morning. this happened about a half hour ago. this is home of the atlanta falcons for 25 years.
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also some olympic events were held there during the 1996 summer games. tailgating for the nearby mercedes-benz sta mercedes-benz stadium where the falcons play now. new rules for short-term rental units. it requires homeowners to live in residences where short term rentals are offered, among other things. it limits the number of days you can stay without a host present. stitch fix. >> the company ipod last week. this will be the first full day of trading. >> it may be unfair pressure. stitch fix is the only ipo by a woman, so far this year. a woman executive. went public at 15. last week, debuted on the market friday. by the end of the day, it hadn't gone very far. there was practically no pop.
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investors are, no doubt, disappointed. no fast money to be made there. the price stayed flat. it means the company priced the shares where they should have. stitch fix makes money on the market once, when it offers the stock. that's all the money it is ever going to see. marvel, the chip maker wants to buy cavium for $6 billion. wells fargo dismissed an executive who said der og tore things about regulators. the head of consumer lending criticized regulators in front of a banker. wells fargo is treading carefully as it is in trouble for a host of sins. marcus and laura, elon musk did the new tesla roadster we were talking about last thursdays. may be able to fly.
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it goes fast, but short hops, he says. i don't need to tell you what i think of tesla promising a flying car. >> read your mind. >> they have to build. >> you have to give them credit for having great ideas. >> great ideas. >> can you say that's fine, if it's just a hop. >> ask a frog. >> i like that one. that's a good one. i like that one. car that is hop. >> there you go. put chains on it and head to the sierra. if you are heading up for the holiday, snow is awaiting you. no chain restrictions at the moment on 80 right now. not a lot of traffic as well. that could change. this is the condition at king veil. some tahoe ski resorts h open this week. the storms brought fresh powder. kirkwood and north star expected to open wednesday and thursday. squaw is already open.
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time to hit the slopes. >> i don't know how to ski. watching that makes me want to go. >> i see a road trip in our future. >> we have to get video of you skating and skiing. >> we can go swimming. >> no matter what you plan to do this week, it's going to be great. we are going to have warmer temperatures moving in for us and, yes, more snow to the sierra. as we look at what's happening now, a milder morning compared to yesterday. it was cool yesterday morning. we start this morning where we should be with mid-50s. we are going to see the highs in the south bay make it to the low 70s today. this is warmer than normal for that week of thanksgiving. we'll be at 70 degrees in east san jose. as we move to the east bay, upper 60s to low 70s. seven day forecast, up at the bottom of the screen, a fairly dry week after today. we will have a slight chance of rain for the peninsula.
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mostly cloudy skies, up to 65 degrees in redwood city and 65 degrees on the embarcadero. we may have light rain in san francisco, but the highest chance of rain will be in the north bay and santa rosa and cooler temperatures, too. we'll make it up to 60 degrees. we have seen this weather system move by, much of it pushing to the east. as we get a closer look, we have scattered, light showers moving to the north bay. the farther south you go, it's really not having that much of a punch. high pressure to the south, rain to the north of us. the moisture rolling through as we go into late morning, early afternoon, mostly for the north bay. the further south you go, a lot of rain will be evaporating or not arnds for very long. not enough to measure up to much. we are looking at the possibility of light amounts of rain the farther south you go, not expecting a lot.
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as you get ready to head out, plans in the south bay, hitting the hiking trails. mostly cloudy. temperatures reaching the upper 60s and low 70s. then, as we look at the forecast for the rest of the week, our weather will be the envy of our friends and family elsewhere across the country. mid-70s on wednesday. going to be really nice leading into thanksgiving. now, mike, you have two major changes on the road. >> i do, one is for the better, one for the normal. the rest of the bay, a smooth drive. over to the altamont pass, the earlier car fire we talked about. chp doesn't have a lot of update. we can tell by the speed sensors, better passing through. the earlier car fire had a big distraction. the car was engulfed in flames. we have recovered back toward 205. the travel time is improving. more traffic toward the dublin
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interchange will result in slowing. that should be right at the typical pattern here. no problem or slowing through castro valley. no delays for the transit. a look at the live shot. the bay bridge, a back-up forming all of a sudden. they must have turned the metering lights on. palo alto, nothing going on with the peninsula. back to you. >> thank you, mike. progress on new schools. the plan to rebuild a former south bay psychiatric facility as the population boom continues. you will be green with envy at mike inouye this weekend. he hung out with kristi yamaguchi this weekend. follow mike to see some of the pictures. room to move for cramped
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residents in north san jose... 5:24. all new this morning, room to move for the cramped residents in north san jose where 8000 housing units have been approved. we got a hold of this film clip of the building going up in 1959. this was recently retrieved from a time capsule. in the place, a regional park and athletic field. next door, school for elementary and high school students.
5:25 am
>> there's a tremendous amount of residential development going on all over the santa clara area. we are responding to that. >> we view open spaces as not nice to have, but a necessity for everybody, for health and wellness. >> our goal is that we retain some of the amazing character of the park-like environment that's already here. >> the city and school district purchased the site in 2014 for $96 million. they plan to finish demolishing the site next year. they expect the new regional park within 3-5 years, the new elementary and middle schools could come in, august 2020 and the high school in 2021. 5:25. a new deal means nfl will expand
5:26 am
football american style south of the border. they played a game in mexico city where the raiders fans may want to hide their eyes, not too great. tom brady and the patriots won 33-8. they announced plans to play one game, each year, in mexico city between 2019 and 2021. some of the controversy involving a raiders player. scott mcgrew will have more on that and the connection to the president at 5:45. happening today, britain's queen elizabeth celebrates her 70th wedding anniversary. a milestone for them. >> buckingham palace released a series of photos. britain's future queen married philip at westminster abbey. she was 21 and philip 26. they are expected to spend their anniversary with their closest family at windsor castle.
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nearing an end. an emotional trial for the kate steinle murder case. what we can expect during closing arguments this morning. a homicide inside a home near the san jose country club. what the sheriff's department is saying about a possible threat to the public. - grocery outlet
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are buy 1, get 1 free. good monday morning to you as we approach 5:30 this morning. a live look on fremont where you
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can see people on the road getting their day started. thanksgiving, a short workweek with us. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. hope you are coming off a great weekend. let's check the forecast with kari. >> we have such beautiful weather over the weekend and as we start out this morning, rain moved in, especially farther to the north. we have seen showers off and on and a lot of that moving toward the east. we will have a chance of spotty showers. the highest chance will be farther north. san francisco, expect a high of 65 degrees. look at how warm it's going to be as we go through this week. by the weekend, we'll start to see more clouds and a chance of showers in the forecast. mid-70s for the inland valleys. after today, showers moving through. we will get more sun and some beautiful weather for the holiday workweek or holiday week, i should say. as we take a look at the forecast, we head over to mike. there is a roadway hazard?
5:31 am
>> there is. you can call it a holiday workweek. anything with holiday sounds better. over here, holiday traffic flow. it is. it may be lighter for the week. afternoons and evenings crowded across town. northbound 85 to 17, we may have an issue. a disabled vehicle on the connector. i don't see slowing on the sensors. we'll track that. meanwhile, out of the altamont pass, the important 580 drive past grant line and north flynn cleared up. we are back to your normal travel time. the earlier car fire traveled nicely. >> breaking news in the south bay, deputies searching a neighborhood near a country club after a deadly stabbing. >> kris sanchez is live at the scene. kris, what have you been able to find out from investigators? >> the santa clara county sheriff's department is here on the scene. the home is further back.
5:32 am
we did ask immediately whether or not there was an imminent public threat because of this act of violence. they say no because the suspect is now in custody and the suspect and victim did know each other. deputies arrived at the home before midnight. this is the 5400 block of fairway drive, not far from the san jose country club. they found the victim, a 21-year-old hispanic man stabbed to death inside that home. the suspect was on scene and taken into custody. the sheriff's spokesman did not reveal whether that suspect gave them a reason for the act of violence. we will keep pressing the sheriff's department for details. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thank you so much, kris. 5:32 right now. the long trial in the kate steinle murder case is nearing the end. we are expecting closing argumented today. jose zarate is charged with shooting and killing 32-year-old steinle on pier 14 two years
5:33 am
ago. during the trial, the lawyers argued the shooting was accidental. prosecution claims he intended to shoot steinle. >> the prosecution has the emotion of the case on its side. so many people focused on garcia zarate as someone who shouldn't have been in the united states anyway. they did a beautiful job of taking the focus of zarate and putting it on the firearm. >> we will be inside the courtroom today as we have been throughout the trial. you can follow the case on twitter. developing this morning, one person is dead and the search for another continues in half-moon bay. you can see the coast guard found that boat going around in circles. the coast guard is searching for the boat operator. they hauled away the boat sunday night. the coast guard says tom tran was at the controls when the boat left. authorities say they pulled the
5:34 am
passenger's lifeless body from the water. >> doesn't appear suspicious, at this time. we are trying to rule out everything we know. we know that individual was recovered and wasn't wearing a life jacket. life jackets are critical to search and rescue efforts. >> someone called after seeing the boast spinning less than a mile off the coast. they are trying to figure out what caused them to go overboard. 5:34. police officer is recovering after he crashed in a pursuit. officers responded to reports of suspects casing cars. the suspects jumped in a car, took off on to interstate 280. the pair crashed, then ran through backyards before finally being arrested. the motorcycle officer was hurt when he crashed during the pursuit. his injury is not serious. this type of crime is not unusual this time of year, even during the day. >> very, very brazen to do this.
5:35 am
obviously, if they were spotted and citizens of the community called in on this. typically, during thanksgiving week and christmas week, as the holidays come upon us, we have reports of people casing vehicles throughout the areas where malls are. >> the arrests were caught on surveillance video. the suspects are not being identified, but are being charged with autoburglary. when it comes to recreational marijuana sales, cannabis supporters are saying marin is moving too slowly. when marijuana becomes legal starting january 1st, it won't be sold anywhere in the county because local jurisdictions are saying no entirely or new year's day is not realistic when it comes to deadlines for the new rules. leaders in cities including navato and mill valley plan to take their time and gather community input. 5:35. happening today, cal fire says
5:36 am
some of the units will transition out of peak fire season, specifically in san mateo and santa cruz counties. the unit responded to 68 wildfires this season, which includes the bear fire. recent rains and cooler temperatures lowered the threat of wildfires. an entire safari park filled with hundreds of majestic animals in the north bay is reopening today. safari west closed during the wildfire. the owner of the park lost his home, but saved all the animals by staying behind and taking on the flames head on. it is nestled into the mountains east of santa rosa. this is video before that fire. many of the workers there also lost their homes. everyone is back for opening day today. the first tour starts at 9:00 a.m. >> very cool park. marcus, maybe we can do a show up there. >> i'd like that. >> sometimes the zoo is on the
5:37 am
roadways. we are looking at a lot of green heading to the south bay, the only issue i'm tracking is here, north 85 to north 17. no updates. the hazard has cleared the disabled vehicle. we'll trauk that and make sure that is completely off the grid. nice drive-through the tri-valley. continuing to improve. 27 minutes out of the altamont pass. the earlier car fire cleared without problems. here, the transit agencies, picked out a few samplings here. no delays. the holiday schedule is not until thanksgiving and friday. check those websites closer to the day. >> a lot of people will be coming to the bay area. we are going to have a good forecast next weekend as well? >> we will have a chance of rain moving in by the end of the weekend. we will, on saturday, have beautiful weather. that still continues. highs in the mid-60s for the
5:38 am
coast and the bay. inland areas up to 70 degrees. look at sunday. we will have that rain rolling back in, especially for the afternoon and we'll cool those temperatures down a couple degrees for the inland areas. it will be very mild. maybe you are going to napa valley. on friday, partly cloudy, 62 degrees. by sunday, we'll start to see the showers moving in. saturday is going to be the best day to get out there as far as temperatures and keeping the rain away. santa cruz, friday and saturday looks good. it will be the warmest on friday. saturday, we start to see a few more clouds and by sunday, some of the rain moving in, once again, especially by the afternoon. if you won't be here, maybe you are going to l.a. to visit family, upper 70s for friday. the day after thanksgiving. many people going out shopping. the weekend will be very pleasant with highs in the low to mid-70s. let me know what you are doing this weekend or what your plans are.
5:39 am
send me your weather pictures, i love those. i'll have a look at today's temperature trend coming up in three minutes. >> sounds good. thanks, kari. terrifying moments caught on camera. a plane smashes. a search for a gunman after cell phone sale took a violent turn. the president, this morning, attacking apple as an investigation gets under way.
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are you ready to say goodbye to it? go! go! ta da! a terrarium. that's it. we brewed the love, right guys? (all) yes. vikts now, at 5:42, as you get ready to head out for work, clear and dry in the south bay. we will have milder temperatures today in campbell as we check out the temperature trend, really nice. 70 degrees when the average high is 64. so, warmer than where we should be. we'll see more warm weather as we go through the week. i'll have a look at that coming up in five minutes. >> looking at the san mateo bridge, easy drive westbound with the taillights. a good number of them there. we'll talk about the bay bridge coming up. >> thank you so much, kari and mike. 5:42. new video to show of a plane crashing on to a street near
5:43 am
florida's gulf coast. a video captured the plane and the aftermath. you can see it come down in the right hand corner of the screen. the pilot had some engine trouble and couldn't make it to the airport so he decided to land on the roadway. the pilot and passenger were not injured. 5:43. a developing story, a brazen killing in san leandro have police searching for a killer. they are reviewing surveillance cameras. the 32-year-old victim posted a cell phone for sale then shot and killed in an apparent robbery. police say to be careful meeting someone when buying and selling items. there are designated safe exchange zones. >> we learned one of three people who died in a fire --
5:44 am
according to a neighbor in the same complex. the fire tore through the unit early saturday morning. the victims were all members of the same family, including a 14-year-old girl and 48-year-old woman. the father survived. he is now, however, in critical condition. >> a caltrain website is up and running this morning alerting riders which elevators in the system are not working. cal train officials plan to update the page regularly. right now, they have seven elevators in the system. riders who see broken elevators are asked to call caltrain immediately. 5:44. a big change for flyers. soon, tsa will not accept your drivers license or state issued id. in 2020, you need something new, it's called a real id. the new form of identification goes on sale in january or renew your driver's license after new requirements go in place in
5:45 am
january. 5:44. i don't know how much of an athlete he is, but the president is taking on basketball players and football players. >> good morning. i suspect they are related. good morning. we'll start with football. the president is now using 140 characters, plus, on his tweets. i'm not going to read them all. he's angry at oakland raiders marshon lynch who he says should be suspended. they played in mexico city sunday. lynch sat for the national anthem, then stood for the mexican national anthem. the president took on ucla basketball player who is shoplifted from a store in china. the president hinted ahead of time, he would want thanks for help getting the players home and the players in ucla very carefully thanked him. the president is angry one of the player's fathers is not grateful enough. the president says, you know
5:46 am
what? i should have left those kids in jail. reaction on social media was swift saying no president should threaten teens with jail because their parents weren't grateful enough. they never were in jail. we learned the police came to the hotel and it was ucla that restricted the players to the hotel. of course, all of this comes as pressure grows on the white house. special prosecutor james mueller. the president tried to stop comey from investigating his ties to russia and admitted it on "nbc nightly news." the republicans can only afford two no votes. three and the plan is dead. we examine the president's
5:47 am
discussion on basketball, football and all kinds of things on "today in the bay." you can contact me on twitter. >> thanks so much, scott. attack of the mac. noah mac from dublin goes prime time. >> hooer is a look at his rehearsal with coach, jennifer hudson. >> captivating. it comes out through your music. >> birds are coming out of the speakers. >> you are delivering it. you just surge. >> old soul, but 18. in case you are wondering why we didn't show him singing, you can tune in. you can watch noah mac do his thing. this is on "the voice" tonight at 8:00 on nbc bay area. coming off a great weekend. we were busy, all out and about at the safeway holiday feed the
5:48 am
need food drive. marcus and i in morgan hill on dunn joined by great volunteers. there's mike inouye. >> hey, the back of my head. >> that's right. bob redell is there, encouraging people to donate. we thank you for coming out to donate, helping to feed the need. it will continue all the way through the holidays. it is a $10 donation. give a bag of food to needy folk. kris sanchez, scott mcgrew, a lot of folks came out. kari hall was out in santa clara, right? >> yeah. >> exactly. >> there we go. >> a lot of fun. >> you were holding the camera getting that video. >> multitasking, you know? passing out the bar codes as well. >> it's fun and great to meet the viewers. thanks for coming out. we are just prepping for thanksgiving, now. we are getting ready for family to come in. maybe you are heading out. the weather starts out soggy in parts of the bay area this
5:49 am
morning. we have seen light rain moving through. as we take a live look outside in san francisco, partly to mostly cloudy. we have had times of sprinkles rolling past, then it clears out. as we get a look at the seven day forecast coming up at the bottom of the screen. look how warm it is going to be this week. it is going to be absolutely beautiful outside. we are going to start out with some of the showers, too. as we get a look at the cooler temperatures in the north bay, our high temperatures in the santa rosa will only be up to 60 degrees. then look how warm it is in the south bay because we will have some of the rain passing by. getting dressed, you can leave the umbrella home. the rain will stay north of us. start out with a jacket, even with the milder temperatures. with long sleeves, you will be comfortable throughout the day. here is where the rain has been. near ukia and to the east and to the central valley and the sierra. as we get a closer look, we have
5:50 am
had light rain moving through. for the areas south of the golden gate bridge, haven't seen much in the way of rain. as we go through the day, hour-by-hour forecast shows there will be showers passing by from parts of marin county to sonoma and over toward napa county as well. any rain we see from snow to the peninsula will be light, only lasting for a few minutes, then it will stay north of san jose, then this evening, everything is clearing out. the skies will be clearing as well. we are looking at the possibility of light amounts of rain. as we get a look at the north bay, farther north, up to a quarter inch of rain. that's about it. then we'll have dry weather, also warmer temperatures for the rest of the week. look at wednesday. big travel day. 70 degrees in san francisco. inland areas, mid-70s. thanksgiving, we'll start to see more clouds moving in. as you head out shopping on friday, maybe more rain moving in. i'll have more updates on that. mike, you are tracking that
5:51 am
crash on the peninsula. >> i am. not a major issue. a mild build for the commute. it is building, nonetheless. 101 is slower. 101, as you get forward sfo, a crash. a car went into a barrier. there may be debris in the area as well. not hearing of problems or delays. look at that. that's near sfo. we are tracking that. that is a place where a lot of folks are heading to, from, this weekend, this week, i should say. the bay bridge, a back up is forming at the toll plaza. it's already formed. here is the back up. we can't see the cash lanes moving. it indicates a lighter volume of traffic. the morning commute is good. it will pick up in the middle of the day. be airful and aware of that. >> thank you, mike. coming up, how to deal with childhood obesity. guidelines to help children through a rough time. happening now, charges are being considered after officers
5:52 am
spotted something suspicious in antioch. officials say officers spotted a suspicious car while on patrol and contacted people inside doing meth. a firearm was seen under the seat and recovered. a 33-year-old man was arrested. 20 people are dead after a crash between a minibus and truck in southern pakistan. officials say that van, full of passengers. an investigation shows speeding and fog may have led to that crash. we are back in two minutes with more news. monday on social media -
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means "motivation monday." here )s a quote i )m sharing on twitter - "the sec monday on social media means a little #mondaymotivation. here is a quote i'm sharing on twitter. the secret to getting ahead is getting started from mark twain. follow me. let me know what motivated you. >> the weekend. new this morning, the vast majority of children who are overweight have been teased about their weigh. american pediatrics have a new policy guiding doctors on weight discrimination. amongst bullying and teasing comes from peers. others say they feel it at home because family members focus on
5:56 am
weight. parents can help by forcing the entire household to make healthy choices all together. >> one of the things that can be helpful is focus conversations on health and health behavior rather than the number on the scale. going for a bike ride or going for a walk. it doesn't have to be team sports. recognizing that this is about improving health. we can all improve health, regardless of what our body size is. that's a very important message for children to hear. >> currently, 1-3 children in the u.s. is considered overweight or obese. used in crimes around the country every day. when police seize them, stolen guns are often hard to trace. >> tonight, we trace stolen firearms across the country. here is stephen stock. >> no one has ever done this kind of tracing of missing pieces on this scale before. now, we have a better idea where stolen guns come from and where
5:57 am
they end up. we obtained records from 1,000 different law enforcement agencies in 36 states. nearly 850,000 gun records in all. this data shows how often stolen guns travel around the country from region-to-region, later showing up connected to other crimes. >> these guns move very quickly. it could be from a matter of days to sometimes 15-20 years later, these guns are still being recovered in crimes. guns are not parishable. they don't wear out and disappear. >> thear calling for stricter laws for gun owners to secure their firearms. gun rights groups say the blame rests with those who steal guns, not those who lose them or have them stolen. we break down the numbers and trace the pipelines where they move throughout the country. that's tonight at 11:00 on nbc bay area news. if you have a story for our unit, call us, 886-996-tips or
5:58 am
e-mail the unit at 5:57 right now. honda's popular odyssey minnie van is being recalled this morning. in some vans, the second row seats might tip forward if the seat is not properly latched. 49 reports of minor injuries. the recall may impact vans of 201 2011-2017. honda is set to working on a repair. tesla ceo elon musk hinted a special up grate of the roadster might make it capable of flying, briefly. musk says it's possible the car could fly short hops. then the question of safety. the roadster is expected to go on the market in 2020 with a $250,000 price tag. musk says it can go from 0-60 miles per hour in less than two seconds. it is 5:58 right now. coming up, we are following breaking news.
5:59 am
a suspicious death investigation under way this morning in the east bay. the hotel that was turned into a crime scene overnight. the man behind the murders, charles manson dies days after his 83rd birthday. what we are learning about the cult leaders death. a plane crashes into a home in the south bay. the damage left behind and the clues why it happened. "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good monday morning to you. thanks for joining us. hope you had a great weekend, i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. many people get ready for the holiday. many wonder what is going on. >> maybe it is a short week. we are starting out with light rain. the rest of the week is looking good. we have seen some of the rain mostly in the north bay. that is where it will stay throughout the day. we get a look at the radar, a lot of green streaming from the west to the east and that will be the trend as we go through the day. i wanted to show you the hour-by-hour outlook. it shows light rain moving into
6:00 am
san francisco, the peninsula and parts of the east bay, while missing out on the south bay. the highest rain chances will be farther to the north and all of this will be out by later this afternoon. we will talk about what else is ahead for the week. that's coming up. mike, you have a crash reported at the bay bridge? >> i do. we looked at the camera, reported in lane one. it starts from the center out, an hov lane. we don't see these people moving over. the first cash lane is moving well. maybe that's cleared quickly. sometimes they move it to the parking lot. that's back up at the bay bridge. we'll look at the map. getting there, not a problem. the east shore freeway, slowing here. that's not unusual. what's unusual is the light traffic flow. closer to thanksgiving, this week, some schools are off. others off thursday and friday. some parents taking vacation days. no surprises. a


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